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Welcome to “Veteran with a Vagina.” If you couldn’t tell from the Blog Title, I am a Veteran…with a vagina. A woman. I know it shouldn’t seem like such a big deal, loads of women serve in the military these days with distinguished careers; you would think that places like Veteran Affairs and society at large would have caught on to that by now, but unfortunately, I am still asked every time I wear some Army gear if my husband served. I’d like to see that change.

The things I write about are as varied as the running commentary in my mind. The subjects you are guaranteed to see addressed here are Mental health, addiction, feminism, religion (or lack thereof), social justice topics, politics, Veterans Issues (disability, benefits, Veteran Service Organizations, daily living, tolerating civilians :), etc.).

I am a crass woman. I’m fully aware of this. I won’t change how I write because someone “doesn’t take me seriously” because I curse a lot. When I write I want my readers to be able to feel what I am feeling….you’d be surprised how effective cursing is for that. If you are offended; I don’t mind. Maybe you needed to have your comfort zone rocked a little.

I hope to eventually have several Veteran writers here. Part of my desire is to help others (Veteran or not), but there is strength in numbers, and this space can be useful to more people if we have more contributors (For instance, I don’t know anything about managing a family while coping with PTSD; yet this is something many veterans and spouses struggle with post-deployment/service).

Anyway, that’s enough of an introduction for now. I hope you all enjoy and get some benefit from my little blog; I know I will. Thank you for stopping by! Please click the “Follow” links located below this post to be notified via email when a new post is up.