About the Author

I am a 44-year-old Army Veteran currently residing in Philadelphia, PA. During my military career, I spent 8 years in the Reserves, and 7 on Active Duty, with two deployments to Bagram Air Base, Afghanistan (03-04 with 10th Mountain Div, 10th Soldier Support Battalion and 05-06 with Southern European Task Force (SETAF is now AFRICOM). During my reserve duty, I was a Civil Affairs Specialist with the 425 CA BN, and the 351st Civil Affairs Command and worked (briefly) as a dual status Unit Pay Technician. When I left the military in 2008 I was working in the Public Affairs Office in Vicenza, Italy with every intention to reclass as a Print Journalist – but I ran into an obstacle┬áI could not then identify – PTSD. What it looked like was just another case of alcoholism and a very bad decision to drink and drive. I got a DUI, lost my career, and with it…my sanity.

It has been a struggle for me since leaving the military. I tried checking out. but rather than becoming the next number in a sad statistic I decided to live. My journey to understand myself and heal has taught me a lot about mental illness, trauma, PTSD, addiction, depression, anxiety… I’ve done a lot of therapy and I read a lot of information. I am no therapist, but I could be (on an academic level anyway).

I’ve been on the psych ward at the VA (suicidal ideation/attempt), been to rehab (Caron Foundation), been homeless, alienated all of my friends & family, and have had to claw my way back to the living. Id really like to make that process a little more accessible for others. This is why I write about these things openly.

I am a high school drop out; I earned my GED in 2000. I went on to earn an Associate Degree in Humanities, a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management, and a Master’s Degree in Education.

Some other things that describe me: Feminist. Atheist/Agnostic. Progressive. Asshole.

I write about what interests or affects me. Social justice, politics, religion, mental health, military, LGBT, and just about anything else that riles up my mind enough to put it to ‘paper’ and share my thoughts.

Oh and just a warning…. I use the word “fuck” a lot, in all its forms; more than is necessary.