Tag: mental health

Absentee Blogger

Sometimes I disappear from the online world for a few days, weeks… whatever I need to do to stay sane. I have written some stuff in the past week, I just haven’t published it. I do my Facebook bullshit, but I don’t really interact. Sometimes, even the good things I do for myself (like this

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Weapons Grade Doubt

I am the master of self sabotage. If you want to learn how to talk yourself out of absolutely anything… I am a pro. I’ve had a hard time the last few days. I am forcing myself to write this as an exercise in self-discipline, not because I think anyone gives a shit about what

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Healing Sucks

As I sit here staring at this blinking cursor wondering what to write to you all, I find myself thinking about all the reasons I love to write, all the reasons why I share what I do, and the many ways the simple act of writing heals me. This is not my first blog and

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